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The image shown on the right is a typical prescription found on a box of contact lenses. The most important values for ordering correctly are the Power and Base Curve as most contact lenses come in only one diameter.

POWER (PWR, SPH or D) is the strength of the vision correction and can be either plus or minus power. Plus and Minus powers are not interchangeable and great care must be taken when ordering. ORDERING PLUS OR MINUS POWERS INCORRECTLY IS THE NUMBER ONE MISTAKE. If you are nearsighted (can see near but not far objects clearly) order minus powers, if you are farsighted (can see distant but not close objects clearly) please order plus powers. Power is sometimes called Sphere (Sph) and is measured in Diopters (D). If you are unsure what power to order please do not guess, please call your doctor or call or email for assistance.

BASE CURVE (BC) has to do with the shape of your eye and almost everyone has the same BC for both eyes. Many contact lenses come in only one base curve, some in only two base curves, some come in multiple base curves so care must be taken when ordering. If your box or prescription says MEDIAN instead of a number for base curve and unless we have the word "Median" as a choice "Median" can be BC 8.4, 8.5, 8.6 or 8.7. If the contact lens you are ordering is available in more than one BC please do not guess, please call your doctor or call or email for assistance.

DIAMETER (Dia or Diam) is the size of the lens in millimeters. Common diameters are 13.8, 14.0, 14.2, 14.4; more complicated soft contact lenses can be other sizes as well. Many disposable contact lenses are available in only one diameter; if you see only one choice for diameter you may confidently select that diameter.

TORIC contact prescriptions have two additional parameters; Cylinder (Cyl) and Axis (Ax). Cylinder is always a negative decimal (ie. -0.75) and Axis is usually expressed in increments of 10 from 10 to 180 (010 is 10).
MULTIFOCAL (bifocal) lenses can include a numeric "Add Power" (ie, +2.00) for magnification or simply "Low" or "High" power magnification and often a choice of D (dominant eye) or N (nondominant eye) option.
OUANTITY: A quantity of one is one box of contact lenses. Most contact lenses are packed in a box of six lenses also called a 6 pack or sometimes twelve lenses; a 12 pack.. Daily wear lenses are packed in boxes of 10, 30 or 90 lenses. In every case when you order a quantity of one you are ordering one box of contact lenses.
All contact lenses are boxed in the IDENTICAL prescription. If you wear a different prescription in each eye you will need to order at least one box for each eye.
One 6 pack of two week disposable lenses is enough for a three month supply for ONE eye. Please order two boxes for a three month supply, four boxes for a six month supply and eight boxes for a one year supply. One box of monthly lenses is enough for six months for one eye, order two boxes for a 6 month supply for both eyes and four boxes for a year.
On your written prescription you may see:
OD: Right Eye
OS: Left Eye
OU: Both Eyes
If the numerical prescription choices on our product pages do not match your prescription it is likely you are trying to order the wrong contact lens. Please give us a call at (800) 536-7327 for assistance.

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